Allegations and counter allegations are not a new phenomenon in Pakistani politics. No party other than Pakistan Peoples Party had to suffer from this allegation game more as it was targeted not just by its political rivals but by the anti-democratic forces as well. In its defence, the PPP always questioned the veracity and motives of these allegations. How the times change. Another smear campaign is on these days but the target this time is every political force in the country except the PPP. The question arises why were shady operators like Brigadier Imtiaz and Major Amir credible for the media when they leveled this sort of accusations against the PPP but not now? The media, political parties and the analysts seem to despise these gents so much today that everybody seems to be braying for their blood. But aren't they getting a taste of their own medicine? -CAPT (Retd) SYED WASIF ARSHAD, via e-mail, August 31.