KARACHI - The Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF) has demanded that all student politics carried out by the students wings of political parties should be banned and only healthy student unions should be allowed to function inside the universities. SDF in its statement issued on Thursday termed that the tragic incident of the murder of a Mehran University student and the subsequent closure of all universities in and around Hyderabad has once again brought the enormous loss to the process of learning in the province that is already trailing behind all other provinces of Pakistan, and most countries of the world. SDF is of the opinion that this state of affairs is a result of bringing criminals into student politics, the inefficiency and lack of commitment of the faculty and apathy and disinterest of the government. SDF said that the criminal elements in student wings had been carried out through 'selected political groups who have played in the hands of the enemies of Sindh which have bringing death to the education and learning in the province. We, the parents of the children studying in these universities, are extremely unhappy and angry and hold the political groups including innumerable factions of political parties responsible for the cover and protection that they have given to criminals and murderers, it added. SDF simultaneously holds the Sindh and Mehran university administrations responsible for the crisis. The murderers of SPSF have the backing and protection of the higher officials of Sindh university and district administration. These students should be rusticated immediately and must be jailed on murder charges. SDF thinks that Sindh can no more withstand ignorance and illiteracy. A nation cannot be built without the basis of sound education. It is therefore imperative that top most priority be given to maintain peace and order in the higher institutions of learning for which the responsibility lies equally on the government, faculty, administration and civil society. It demands major punishment of rustication for all such students who, in anyway, disrupt classes or insult teachers. SDF appealed to the society to join hands and raise its collective voice against the crimes being committed in the name of student politics in our institutions of higher learning. Unless the citizens raise their voice and criticise the political groups openly and forcefully, for their support and patronisation of the criminal elements in student politics, this curse and menace will never come to an end.