KARACHI - The opposition groups in the city council including Jamaat-e-Islamis Al-Khidmat group and Pakistan Peoples Party backed Awam Dost group have protested the adjournment of the city council session without holding debates on the burning issue of the power crisis that has rendered the lives of the citizens miserable. The opposition groups, after dismissal of the session, while, talking to the newsmen said that the treasury benches had deliberately skipped the session because they did not want improvement of the power generation and supply system in the city. Opposition leader of Awam Dost Panel, Saeed Ghani condemned the treasury benches attitude as he remarked that it is on record that the treasury benches never wanted to resolve the power crisis issue in city with honesty because if they wanted to do so they should remain present in the house to fulfill the quorum requirement. It the constitutional obligation for the treasury benches to ensure full quorum in the house but they did not, regretted Ghani. Leader of Al-Khidmat group, Muhammad Rafique also showed his concern while he said that the treasury benches and the present City District Government Karachi have failed to address serious issues pertaining to price-hike and power crisis. Rafique claimed that officers responsible for controlling prices of common commodities were involved in extorting money and they have been collecting bribe from the profiteers. He further added that the treasury benches had tried to defame Sindh provincial and federal governments on the issue of power crisis but after holding of the discussion at higher level, the treasury benches had skipped the session through creating deficient quorum for the requisite session. It was mandatory that after pointation of the quorum, the convener should summon the following session very next day because during the following session, routine business could be carried out even with just a few members as the question of quorum would not rise again after it was once raised, he explained. Jumman Darwan of Awam Dost Panel, claimed that it was mandatory for the treasury benches to ensure quorum in the house during session especially when one was requisitioned to take up serious issue such as power crisis. The treasury benches had always avoided debates or discussions meant to offer measures for the resolution of public grievances. The treasury benches never prompted any agenda in these circumstances except land use, criticized Darwan. Opposition member Ramzan Awan said that the treasury benches had always avoided debates on the public issues. It was a constitutional obligation for the convener to fix a date for onward session after the session was prorogued for inappropriate quorum and the convener could not make speech, he claimed. Meanwhile, Naib City Nazim Nasreen Jalil has expressed regret when the desired number of City council members were not present in the session due to which the quorum did not complete resultantly the session could not be held on Thursday. The session was called to discuss the ongoing power crisis and continuous loadshedding. Opposition leader Ramzan Awan diverted the attention of Naib City Nazim Nasreen Jalil towards incomplete quorum, on which Nasreen gave 30 minutes time to wait for other council members for the completion of quorum and session can be started. After waiting for 30 minutes the required number of City council members could not reach due to which the convener Nasreen Jalil adjourned the session till indefinite period. It may be noted that the quorum could not be completed due to the absence of majority of treasury members. Before announcing the adjournment of the meeting, she said that it was a matter of all citizens and council members should present here to participate in the session and discuss the ongoing power crisis in the City, KESC performance, loadshedding and future planning that how the power crisis to be addressed.