LAHORE - Chief Secretary Punjab Javed Mahmood has said that officers working in districts are under the Services and General Administration Department in the real sense and there is less interference of the Chief Minister in the posting of officers in this department. He further added that for the posting of officers, firstly their performance was reviewed and a list of officers having best administrative performance was sent to the CM and then administrative officers were posted in different districts with his consultation. Officers are being interviewed for their appointment as District Coordination Officers in various districts of the province and majority of them comprise junior officers as they have spirit to work, and only such young officers will be posted as DCOs, who will have the will of working and resolving the problems of the people in the real sense, he opined, while adding that he had learnt how to work and worked hard and there was no importance of grade to him, and he had given importance to the work only. The Chief Secretary informed that system could not be improved with the persons, who did not work and wanted to be posted as DCO in any district and after that went to any international institution. There is no room for such officers in the province, he added in a handout issued here on Thursday. Talking about the police, Javed Mahmood said he wanted to improve the performance of the police so that justice and relief could be made available to the people at their doorstep. But its timeframe and its way of working will be decided by the elected political government. Neither he wants to make Home Department important or less important nor he is willing to make any change regarding powers of police, he maintained. He informed that the motion submitted by Jamshaid Ahmad Dasti against him in the Advisory Committee of the National Assembly Committee had been withdrawn by the mover. It is the time when I worked for 16 to 18 hours while sitting in the corridor and there is no justification in meeting him, he said, while adding that when he was summoned for the first time, UKs Foreign Secretary David Miliband was visiting Lahore. I had informed the Committee in writing about this. This time Jamshaid Dasti phoned him and said he has withdrawn the motion; therefore, there is no need to appear, he added.