LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board is devising a plan to see just the performers stay in the team and the non-performers are kept out. Ijaz Butt, PCB chairman, said that all the steps would be taken keeping in view the 2011 World Cup. He made it clear that only the players who would play with best of their abilities will be kept in a pool of cricketers from which the World Cup team would be considered. "See we can not compromise on performance especially for the event like World Cup," he added. "I would like to tell all the cricketers be he junior or senior that the only way to be in the team is by performing and if the players is not doing so he would lose his central contract. "We select the player for performing for the country and if he can not perform and can not maintain fitness than we have to look for other options be it a senior or junior," he added. "By keeping the performers in the pool, the players would have in mind that they would lose their place and they need to cement it with only performance," the chairman said. On Shoaib Akhtar, he said that the only way back in the team for the fast bowler is hard work to gain fitness suitable for match winning. "Whether he is selected or not in the team has to be decided by the national selection committee. But he must be playing for Pakistan to retain his contract," Butt said. He said that that in the next few months new contracts would be given to the players but only after thorough evaluation of their performances. Pakistani players get paid monthly salaries in different categories under a performance and seniority-based grading system. The top category players can get paid Rs 250,000 per month besides match fees and other bonuses and incentives. Butt also praised the leadership skills of Younis Khan. "What I like about Younis is that he is willing to accept responsibility. He is always upfront for his players. He leads by example," he was quoted by a website report. The PCB Chairman also praised the positive attitude of senior batsman Muhammad Yousuf and said, "From what I have seen and noticed, Yousuf is a very positive influence on the team and that is good because the team needs such senior players to set examples for the younger lot." Talking about the board's affairs, Butt said that he has found mass financial irregularities and mismanagement in the board. "There was mismanagement and financial irregularities in the Board when we took over. Coaches who worked for three months were taking salaries throughout the year. "A simple cook was being paid Rs 40 to 50,000 and about 10 people were employed in a department where there was need for only one," Butt was quoted. The former Test player was though candid in admitting that he made wrong selections while picking up his team. "I made some mistakes and wrong choices. But I have tried my best to clean up the Board. And the process is continuing. In future I will ensure no one indulges in financial and administrative mismanagement in the Board," he said. Butt, since taking over as Chairman, has come under fire for his handling of many issues prominently being sacking of Saleem Altaf and resignations Abdul Qadir and Aamer Sohail. Butt maintained he brought in former players as he felt that since it was because of the players that the Board earned money they must be given more responsibilities. "Unfortunately things didn't work out as I had thought. Sohail had other ideas and agenda. Qadir resigned thinking we would fare badly in the T20 World Cup and I would be removed and he would return as a hero. But all this has hurt Pakistan cricket no doubt about that," Butt said.