ISLAMABAD-The long overdue Islamabad Capital Territory Drugs Rules have apparently fallen prey to bureaucratic red tapism and despite a lapse of over two years, the Islamabad Health department has failed to get hese Rules approved. After terming the ICT Drugs Rules 1989 obsolete, the District Health Department Islamabad formulated the new Rules, which after getting approval from the Chief Commissioners Office were supposed to replace the old ones. The initiative was welcomed by the health experts as they were of the view that ICT Drugs Rules 1989 did not match present day requirements. Since the last two years the Health Department Islamabad is submitting the summary of the proposed Rules to the Commissioner office and every time the Rules are returned with one or another objection - so the Rules cannot be approved. At present the Islamabad Health Department has once again presented the Rules to the Commissioner office after making the latest required amendments. The officials involved in formulation of the Rules have attached high hopes this time of finally gettign teh rules approved. According to the official sources the new ICT Drug Rules will cover many aspects that were missing in the previous one. After finalizing the new Rules the officials claimed to have consulted all the concerned stakeholders including the Chemists Association. But despite being confident to get the Rules approved in one go, the proposed law is still pending. The new proposed Rules was finalized in 2007 and after the approval of the technical committee it was presented to the Chief Commissioner Islamabad and after that the Rules were returned to the Islamabad Health Department again and again. One of the main features of the said Rules was to restrict all authorized Drug Stores in Islamabad from keeping homeopathic and Yonaini (herbals) medicines, thus barring them from dealing with any kind of medicines other than registered allopathic drugs. It is pertinent to mention that the ICT Drug Rule 1989 is a sub ordinate legislation of the Drug Act 1976 of Pakistan.