There are two kinds of countries. There are countries with supremely sovereign political systems. In every such country, the rulers are the system's slaves. They must do whatever the system commands them to do. Consequently, there is general prosperity in the land. In the other kind of countries, there is no such thing as a supremely sovereign political system. In every such country, the rulers themselves are the supreme systems. The country is their domestic servant. It must do whatever it is commanded to do by the rulers. No wonder, there is general misery in the land. If there is no supremely sovereign system in a country, the country is a paradise for the rulers and a hell for the masses. Unfortunately, most of the world's countries are paradises for the rulers and hells for the masses. In every country, there are numerous administrative systems. For example, there is a judicial system. There is a police system. There is an income tax system. There is an industrial system. There is an educational system etc, etc. All these systems are created by the country's political system. In other words, the political system of a country is the mother of all its other systems. If the political system of a country is a dishonest system then all its other systems are bound to be dishonest. Dishonesty cannot give birth to honesty. It can only breed dishonesty. Most of the prosperous countries of the world owe their prosperity to their honest political systems. A country where political dishonesty reigns supreme is a veritable jungle. No wonder, most of the countries are human jungles. Look at any country which lacks a supremely honest political system. When, in such a country, the ruler's tenure is over, he leaves his office with his own political system in his pocket. His successor brings his own political system in his pocket. And the successor's successor brings his own system. Thus the country is subjected to as many systems as the number of the rulers. What a variety Variety is said to be the spice of life. But there is nothing spicy about the various systems which the various rulers inflict upon the country. This variety is pure poison for the masses. Most of the countries are politically unstable. The instability of a country is a godsend for the selfish politicians. It enables them to exploit the country as much as they fancy to exploit it. In order to ensure that the instability keeps on deepening and deepening, the politicians seek America's assistance. America rushes to help. America enthusiastically helps. America helps because the world's instability is a guarantee of America's world supremacy. Thus the rulers of an unstable country and America are in league against the masses. Unfortunately, Pakistan has never had a supremely sovereign political system. And more unfortunately, America has always exploited this situation. America claims that it has a special relationship with Pakistan. No doubt it has. But what is the precise nature of this relationship? It is a very simple story. America does not want Pakistan to live as a healthy and strong creature. Nor does it want that Pakistan should die. It wants that Pakistan should live on but like a critically sick patient. And with America's help, Pakistan has been breathing and breathing - although with great difficulty. Actually, Pakistan is not breathing. It is just gasping. Thus it is neither fully alive nor fully dead. It is sandwiched between life and death. That is exactly what America wants and has got it. Pakistan's friendship with America is as old as Pakistan itself. And Pakistan's political chaos is also as old as its American friendship. Thus Pakistan's chaos and its American friendship are twins. If we want to liberate ourselves from our chaos we can do so only by liberating ourselves from our American's friendship. But can we do it? What a silly question As our friend, America has loved to interfere in our national affairs. Sixty two years of our existence are sixty two years of American interference. China is also a great friend of ours. Currently, our most serious problem is how China is looking at America's activities in Pakistan. We have constantly sought China's help. But what we passionately expected has not been the result. What a tragedy American drones are regularly bombing our Frontier regions. A number of innocent citizens are being regularly killed. Pakistan is protesting that the bombing is being carried out without her permission. The protest is the result of Pakistan's utter ignorance of America's philosophy of friendship. According to this philosophy, America need not obtain a friendly country's permission for killing its citizens. Pakistan is America's friend. So the friendship automatically grants America the right of killing our citizens. The writer is an academic