KARACHI - Asking the rulers to call another APC on formation of new provinces, MQM chief Altaf Hussain has demanded an end to unequal distribution of national resources.

In a statement MQM Chief Altaf Hussain said the creation of new provinces would help end the prevailing sense of deprivation among different ethnic groups. The founder of MQM asked the rulers to convene all parties conferences on other national issues too.

Addressing a joint meeting of the MQM co-ordination committee in London and Pakistan, Altaf Hussain said, “They should pay attention to equitable distribution of national resources and elimination of the sense of deprivation prevailing among different ethnic groups. New provinces should be formed in the country to make them feel they are all Pakistanis,” he said.

He said formation of new provinces would guarantee security and prosperity of the country. He also made a fervent appeal to scholars of different sects, political leaders, intellectuals and the people of the country, including, students, labourers, farmers and peasants in his speech to pay attention to their responsibilities for development and security of the country.

He said world’s most powerful industrialised nations, superpowers were also facing uncertain economic conditions, deteriorating public order, growing poverty, unemployment, degrading of health and education sectors which had rung alarm bells across the globe and people were feeling that a third world war might be possible.

In this critical situation rulers of underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, which is entangled with debt, will have to come out of their bias and make realistic policies for the security and prosperity of Pakistan.

They will have to take tough decisions for the national security and prosperity, Altaf went on saying.

He said, “Pakistan was established 66 years ago. During this period we applied different administrative policies to run the country. We run it by applying one-unit and two units formulae. The country was divided into four administrative units in 1971. Pakistan’s population has increased manifold after 1971.

However, no new administrative changes were made or initiated to run the country smoothly.”

“It is natural that unequal distribution of national resources would have caused disunity and friction among people. We can make lofty claims about unity, understanding and solidarity. This is contrary to the facts. So the present government and rulers, who are convening all parties’ conferences on difference issues, should pay attention to unequal distribution of national resources and give people a sense of equity, said the MQM chief adding they should convene all parties’ conference for the formation of new provinces urgently.

“We should learn a lesson from the countries that won independence 60 years ago. These countries have formed new provinces after their independence keeping in view the growing population of their countries. We have not taken any initiatives in this regard and trying to find solution in administrative structures,” Altaf was of the view.

He said he was a loyal Pakistani.

“On the basis of little information I have gathered, I demand formation of new provinces urgently. The new provinces will be good for the solidarity, development and prosperity of the country,” he maintained.

Altaf appealed to all intellectuals, writers and elders to give their views on this important national issue and guide the nation and propose measures to preserve the remaining piece of land and make it strong.