ALL Pakistan Dry Ports Association has expressed concerns over the lethargic attitude in removing serious flaws in the Federal Board of Revenue’s Web Based One Custom System (WeBOC), demanding restoration of One Custom System forthwith.

Chairman Muhammad Ishaq Butt said that the implementation of WeBOC system at Sialkot Dry Port without necessary preparations and sans removal of flaws detected during the training sessions were brought to the notice of WeBOC Project team. He said that nearly 25% exporters had so far been registered with the WeBOC system due to tedious registration process thus the registration of rest of the exporters will take a lot of time.

He expressed concerns over the slow response by FBR in conflict resolution which results in hoarding the containers at Sialkot Dry Port and a number of export consignments have already missed the vessels caused huge financial loss to the exporters and the country.

“The former FBR chairman on his visit to Sialkot Dry Port Trust on March 1, 2013 approved the proposals forwarded by the All Pakistan Dry Ports Association including suggestions regarding elimination bottlenecks in the WeBOC system,” he said. The APDPA chairman further regretted that the FBR was not able to remove these bottlenecks and flaws.

He said that customs laws restrict the bonded carriers to use vehicles registered in the name of other bonded carriers with the Customs Dept thereby causing somewhat monopolistic situation and exporters/importers may be penalised with excessive freight charges.

Moreover, he said, availability of registered vehicles at up-country dry ports was limited and lesser than the demand for exports. In One Custom system, up-country dry ports were using registered vehicles of other bonded carriers, he added. Exports from Faisalabad and Multan will also be badly affected if rolled over to these dry ports. Even at Karachi, where exports vehicles are received, there are a number of teething problems causing slowing down of the process, he said.

He said that Muhammad Khalid Butt, General Manager of APDPA met with FBR Chairman and other officers on September 5, 2013 and apprised them about the gravity of the matter and discussed in detail the system flaws / short comings of WeBOC and necessary amendments in Custom Laws / Rules but to no avail.

He demanded that One Custom System be restored forthwith in parallel to WeBOC system till the rectification of issues with WeBOC and incorporation of necessary amendments in WeBOC system and Customs Laws.