LAHORE - Three Senior District Emergency Officers (of BPS-18) of the Punjab Emergency Service on Tuesday submitted their resignations to the government to protest against Dr Rizwan Naseer, the controversial Director General of the Rescue-1122.

Talking to reporters at the Lahore Press Club, the officers levelled serious allegations ranging from corruption to misuse of power and nepotism to highhandedness against their boss. “We have submitted collective but conditional resignations in protest and in the best interest of the public at large. Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif must order an independent inquiry against Dr Rizwan Naseer,” District Emergency Officer, Mianwali, Dr Qaiser Obaid Khan told reporters while addressing an urgent news conference.

DEO Vehari Dr Abid Hussain and District Emergency Officer and Head of the Medical Wing Dr Waseem Hassan Hashmi were also present on this occasion. They demanded the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to remove the illegally and politically-appointed Director General (PES), Rescue 1122, Dr Rizwan Naseer and in view of the recommendations of CMITs Inquiry Report, an FIR should be registered against him since his criminal negligence led to the killing of 23 people in the LDA Plaza inferno in May 2013. Dr Waseem Hashmi called the DG as “Corruption Engineer” and appealed to the authorities to immediately seal the complete record of the department in order to ensure independent probe into mega corruption scandals.

The officers also appealed to the Lahore High Court to decide the pending writ petition (18593-12) filed against the illegal appointment of Dr Rizwan Naseer.

The officers submitted their written conditional resign to Chief Minister and have also dispatched their Caps and Crown to the Chief Justice to protest against the highhandedness of the Director General. The senior rescue officers blamed Dr Rizwan Naseer for the absence of SOPs for fire fighting and rescue operations since its establishment say that he is an inexperienced and non-professional in the field. They further added DG’s most of the time and interest is dedicated to procurements, as he has vested interests.

The officers further criticised the DG for his dual jobs simultaneously as he had been serving as DG Rescue-1122 (PES) and Secretary General Pakistan Red Crescent Society by deceiving the government and drawing the salary from both the institutions.

Meanwhile, according to a spokesman of the Rescue-1122 service, district emergency officer (DEO) Dr Wasim Hassan Hashmi had been dismissed from service on charges of misconduct, corruption & inefficiency whereas DEO Dr Qaiser Obaid Khan & DEO Dr. Abid have been transferred due to poor command & control and inefficiency & other various issues. “They are absent from their duty and are found involved in unlawful activities, which are against the discipline of the service,” the spokesman said.

He also clarified that “the aforesaid corrupt and inefficient officers are trying to spread disinformation to cover their own inefficiencies.

However, the Emergency Service cannot afford to have such incompetent and corrupt officers in an Emergency Service.

Their act is not allowed in a disciplined organization, which further shows their unsatisfactory performance and erratic attitude & behaviors whereas the Service requires officers/officials, who have good attitude, nice behavior, honesty, and efficient while performing duties.”