LAHORE - The All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association has stated that the Lahore District Coordination Officer and his taskforce are violating the directives of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, as the members of APTPMA are not part of inspection process of the gas meters being checked in forensic lab.

The APTPMA members and the directors of S.A Baig Textile Industries and Ittefaq Eng, Mirza Assad Baig and Mirza Shahzad Baig, in a statement sent to The Nation, have observed that the instead of accepting misjudgment in the case of APTPMA member units, the DCO and his task force have become personal in this matter and are constantly threatening to have the units representatives arrested one way or the other. The APTPMA members are being harassed, humiliated and threatened by the DCO and his task force through various means, the statement claimed.

Mirza Shahzad Baig, elaborating the whole situation, observed that with reference to our meeting of 6th Sept 2013 with the Chief Minister of Punjab it was admitted by SNGPL that the gas meters of S.A Baig Textile Industries and Ittefaq Eng were supposed to be tested.

He said that in light of illegal act of SNGPL, the Chief Minister directed that a second opinion regarding the authenticity of the first disputed testing report of SA Baig Textile Industries should be taken by SNGPL by getting the meter checked from the Punjab Forensic Science Agency. Thereafter in respect of the Chief Minister’s orders, both SNGPL and the units’ representative reached the forensic lab on 9th Sept 2013 and after an initial meeting with the Director both SNGPL and the units representatives were told no one can witness the examination process of the meter and eventually both parties left the forensic lab.

“However, to our utmost dismay and against all principles of justice the DCO and members of the DCO task force visited the forensic lab after the units representative and SNGPL had left and stayed at the labs premises for several hours whereas it was directed by the Chief Minister that only SNGPL and the units representatives were to witness the inspection process at the forensic lab. Hence the DCO should not have been there. On the contrary, the DCO used his undue influence by misusing the name of Chief Minister of Punjab to have the report changed, added Shahzad Baig.

Mirza Shahzad Baig appealed the Chief Minister to grant them an urgent meeting so that they are able to explain to him the gravity of their situation and suggest some simple ways of resolving this matter. He also requested an urgent and immediate action against the DCO Lahore and his staff for obstructing the deliverance of justice by getting the forensic report changed. He demanded that DCO and his team should be instructed not to further interfere in the matters of APTPMA member units.

“It has also been requested that all legal and departmental actions against APTPMA innocent member units’ representatives should be temporarily stopped till further meeting and decision of the Chief Minister of Punjab,” Shahzad Baig added.