The Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, has introduced a conservative dress code forcing female students to wear the veil (Hijab), which is apparently meant to promote Islamic values and to preserve traditions. With 1,500 students, more than half of the students are female. Surprisingly male students are also required to wear loose trousers and long shirts.

In reaction, majority of students have refused to accept the decision. Nobody should be forced to wear something that they do not want to, female students are commenting on social media. It is pertinent here to mention that couple of months back, University of Azad and Jammu Kashmir also declared Hijab mandatory. Some people supported while others objected, but it should be clear that while the universities are well within their right to have a code for uniform, they must not take it on themselves to impose dress values on the students in the name of religion.


Islamabad, September 8.