Some leaders have been violently announcing that new provinces would be created by breaking the existing provinces. Amongst them, Yousaf Raza Gilani, Imran Khan and even the PML-N were prominent. Imran Khan’s PTI majority in the KP assembly has practically proved their intent to create new province of Hazara. Maybe, administratively, this could make the governance ‘possible’ for the party’s leadership, but this call is not of the time at the moment. Instead of making positive impact, it would lead towards disintegration, God forbid. The call of time is to avoid such moves amidst the ongoing war against terror.

PPP was firm that Southern Punjab province would be created before the elections. Irony is that the “Constitution of Pakistan” is being violated. The LHC has also observed that the current parliament has no mandate to do so. The very first article of the Constitution reads that there will be only four provinces i.e. Balochistan, NWFP, Punjab and Sindh. Now, the rulers are after the most important province. There is yet another voice that erstwhile Bahawalpur State be converted into another new province. Punjab is crucial for existence of Pakistan. Breaking it into pieces is the Indian strategy, which might culminate in breaking Pakistan.


Hayatabad, September 1