ISLAMABAD  - Since the government has thrown the ball in the opposition’s court by asking the latter to suggest two names for the slot of chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Leader of Opposition in NA Syed Khursheed Shah informed that the process would be completed by the mid of this month (September).

“The process would be completed by September 15 or September 16,” said Khursheed Shah while talking to media persons.

Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPP-P) sources that the party even after its secret meetings has not reached consensus to give two more names as asked by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The former opposition party (PPP-P) might be able to deal the issue before the NA session likely on September 13, they added.

Meanwhile, Khursheed Shah while talking about the APC’s decision shared that mandate has been given to PML-N government to hold talks with the Taliban. Shah in a same breath said that it was easy to talk with Afghan Taliban as compared with Pakistani Taliban.

To a question, the PPPP senior leader said that Army’s official briefing in APC was based on truth. “It was good that no conflict of opinion emerged at any stage in the APC,” he maintained.

When asked about significance of the APC, he said that this meeting has specially given priority to talk with Taliban. Around 13 attempts of dialogue with Taliban had already been failed, he informed.

To yet another question, the leader of opposition said that apart from Taliban issue, this government will have to establish its writ in Karachi and Balochistan too, besides tackling the issue of sectarianism.