It must be a scene, like many ‘once in a lifetime’ type one which have become frequent now in Pakistan, thanks to our judicial activism, to watch an Islamabad High Court judge personally supervising registration of a murder case against Gen.(R) Musharraf. Police officer was asked to bring the office ledgers to court room to register the case. Musharraf has been implied in murder of Khateeb Abdul Rashid who was killed in 2007 during Lal Masjid siege. Case has been filed on the request of his brother Abdul Aziz who was also present in the mosque but preferred to leave the premises (in a cloak) when male and female students and teachers were asked by security forces to peacefully vacate the mosque and seminary before taking upon the terrorists holding-up for weeks.

Registration of murder case against Musharraf is a reminder for all the security and intelligence personnel that they shall not take up a fight with terrorists otherwise they may face the same fate as their ex-President! Who knows registration of this case is also a pre-condition put forward by Taliban for peace talks! It is said that the other pre-condition was recently met when hundreds of hard line sectarian and religious terrorists were released under the disguise of a Taliban attack on D I Khan jail. All these terrorists were able to safely travel from D I Khan to North Waziristan without any challenge from security forces.


Saudi Arab, September 2.