LAHORE (PR): Wateen Telecom is proud to announce the launch of V3 (Virtual Presence via Voice and Video), Pakistan’s first cloud-based high definition (up to 1080p) video conferencing solution for enterprises that require secure and comprehensive communication and collaboration between meeting rooms, desktops and smart devices (iOS/Android smartphones & tablets) through an intuitive, cloud-based platform. Wateen is the first cloud-based video conferencing services provider in Pakistan that has its own dedicated video conferencing servers, which allows it to offer fast, high quality, reliable video conferencing with low latency and quick response times.

This results in superior performance for variable conditions in the network. Whereas other video conference solutions providers are unable to sustain the connection in case of a 2% packet drop, V3 can continue to work seamlessly even when there is a 20% packet drop.

V3 services don’t require any hardware investment, yet they can be easily integrated with “Room Clients” of all known video conferencing brands, which means that there is no need to install any hardware or employ any in-house technical staff to manage a dedicated tele-presence studio. All the components required to enable up to 100 users are built into this easy-to-deploy package delivered at a very affordable price. Wateen is also offering additional savings on bundling the service with Wateen bandwidth.