S: To be honest Ameen, I’m really pleasantly surprised that Germany’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis. All that heat that Angela Merkel faced for making that Palestinian girl cry, she sure made up for it.

A: You’re right! It is extremely sad that a body of a toddler had to be washed up on the shores in Turkey to awaken the world to take action. But at least they did take action. In contrast to our dear brothers in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim states that closed their borders for all refugees and such images failed to move them even the slightest bit.

S: We are our worst enemies. It is true, I’m not overly religious but I do feel that karma bites back. Did you hear of the unprecedented and deadly sandstorm sweeping the Middle East killing twelve people across the region and sending hundreds to the hospital for breathing difficulties? I think it has something to do with their inhumane treatment of the thousands dying at sea.

A: Either way Germany is surely leading the way by stating that it can take up to half a million Syrian refugees in the next couple of years. For now the commitment stands at Germany taking more than 31,000 migrants, France 24,000 and Spain almost 15,000, under the new plan to resettle 160,000 refugees. Britain also surprisingly reaffirmed that the 20,000 Syrians it had promised to take over five years would come from refugee camps outside the EU and not other EU states.

S: I hope this life that they have chosen to live as immigrants brings them hope and security. With a new wave of xenophobia sweeping across Europe, things have the potential to become very difficult for them and their families.

A: Better to be hated than to be murdered and raped.­