ISLAMABAD - The process of printing of ballot papers for NA-120 by-election has started at Printing Corporation of Pakistan Press (PCPP) Lahore under the supervision of Pakistan Army.

According to an official of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the PCPP Lahore has been ordered for printing 335,700 ballot papers besides printing of 11,000 Form XIV Statement of Account.

He said these ballot papers will be dispatched on September 14, in the office of district returning officer NA-120 under the supervision of the Army personnel.

He said other election material will be dispatched to the presiding officer on September 16, while the bio-metric machines will also be handed over to the staff concerned.

Meanwhile, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has constituted seven monitoring teams based on 20 officials from Islamabad and four provinces for NA-120 by-election Lahore-III.

According to ECP, these well-equipped teams equipped with cameras, transport and supporting staff will start their duties from Saturday evening.

It said that these teams will monitor the observance of code of conduct and performance of biometric machines and send report to the ECP.

It said that these teams will also immediately report to Returning Officer concerned, District Returning Officer, Provincial Election Commissioner Punjab, Central Monitoring Committee Islamabad and the ECP in case of violation of code of conduct in the constituency through telephone, fax, whatsapp or email.

It said that on receiving any such report from the team, the commission will take action.

It said that senior officials of ECP's IT wing were also included in these teams, who will examine the performance and other aspects of BVM machines on technical grounds and send report to the ECP.

It said that the commission was strictly monitoring the code of conduct for by-election and will never allow any candidate or political party to violate code of conduct.

It said that the commission has already served a notice to the provincial minister Bilal Yaseen and directed him not to participate in political activities otherwise strict legal action will be taken against him.


Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued a code of conduct for political parties and candidates for by-election in the constituency NA-4 Peshawar-IV.

According to ECP, the contents of this code of conduct will be considered as directives of ECP and violation of any its clauses thereof will be proceeded against under Article 204 of the Constitution read with Section 103A of the Representation of the People Act, 1976.

Under the code of conduct, the executive authorities in the Federation and in the province will not use State resources in the said constituency for unfair advantage of a particular candidate or political party.

If any person in the service of Pakistan misuses his official position in any manner calculated to influence the result of the election, he may be tried by a court of sessions as contemplated under Section 95 of the Representation of the People's Act, 1976 and if found guilty of the offence, may be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine which may extend to 2,000 or with both under Section 92 of the Act.

After issuance of election programme, no officer or official who is engaged or will be engaged for election duty, would be granted leave by the Federal, provincial or Local Government without prior approval of the Election Commission.

No transfers or postings of the civil servants will be made after the issuance of schedule of by-election till the completion.

Individual transfers or postings of civil servants will only be made, after the issuance of schedule of by-election, in exceptional circumstances, in exigency of service and in public interest, with prior approval of the Election Commission.

Public office holders will neither visit the area of any constituency nor will openly or in secret give any subscription or donation or make promise for giving such donation or announce any development project.

The Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Federal Ministers, State Ministers, Advisers to the President and the Prime Minister, Provincial Ministers and Advisers to the Chief Minister or any person on their behalf will not visit the constituency or polling station after the issuance of schedule of by-election till the completion of polls.