It goes without saying that a doctor’s profession is considered the most prestigious, noble and respected one in the universe. Not only by the worthiness of its name, but moreover choosing it as a career gives a great sense of responsibility and feeling in serving humanity at the time of need. Being a doctor is an uphill task as it requires lots of hard work, energy, stamina and remains a dream of many. No doubt it is considered one of the toughest professions in terms of its study, duration, dedication. Every parent wants their kids to choose this field and make them proud. Doctors are those who treat their patients irrespective of their religions, sects, casts, genders, colors and nationalities. 

It is really saddening to mention here is that doctors are being terrorized, kidnapped, and assassinated even though they perform their duties under immense tension and uncertainty in our country to say the least. Doctors are meant to save others’ lives but contrary to fact that they themselves require safety due to day and day out incidents in the country. 

I am working in Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) as Assistant Causality Medical Officer (ACMO) and can proudly claim that its emergency services are one of the best in Pakistan. It is well equipped and provides the best treatment to say the least. The 24/7 availability of ACMOs, CMOs, and specialists in the emergency department ensure satisfactory treatment to the patients. However, the other day a very terrible accident took place when a 80 year old patient expired during resuscitation and the attendants went crazy and created chaos in the department. The patient was brought to us with debilitated health and the attendants were already counseled criticality about the availability of resources. Despite this, the group of more than 15 attendants entered ER and started abusing and beating the doctors and turned the emergency department into a battle ground. They claimed that the negligence of doctor’s took the patient’s life which was a wrong accusation. A news channel covered this and started a blame game and accused the doctors for negligence. To make the matter worse the security forces responded late, due to which lives of the doctors were at stake. Furthermore they were unable to bring the situation under control on time. So we had to close the services for more than two hours till the time the mob cleared out of the Emergency department. 

I appeal to the concerned authorities to take very serious notice of the incident and provide enough security, so that we are able to perform our duties without any fear of harassment or threat. 


Turbat, August 18.