KARACHI - To express solidarity with the oppressed Muslims of Burma, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) took out a rally in Karachi on Sunday.

A large number of people from all walks of life participated in the rally.

The protesters, carrying placards and banners, chanted slogans against the government of Myanmar. The rally was taken out from Nomaish Chowrangi to Tibet Center on MA Jinnah Road.

On the occasion, a large number of children donated their pocket money. Besides this, the Sikh community announced to donate Rs50,000, while Karachi Bar Council Association president handed a cheque of Rs125,000 in his personal capacity.

A resolution was passed at the rally, in which the government was asked to play its due role in connection with Rohingya crisis and expel the envoy of Myanmar with immediate effect. The resolution also demanded the government to pass resolutions in the upper and lower houses of parliament for the Rohingya Muslims. It also asked media to avoid downplaying the Rohingya crisis .

The rally demanded the 34 countries in Muslim military alliance to play their due role to alleviate the sufferings of Rohingya Muslims.

Besides JI leaders, delegations and politicians from other political, religio-political parties, trade bodies and minority communities addressed the rally.

Speaking at the rally, JI Pakistan chief Senator Sirajul Haq said that mass murders, rapes and other crimes against humanity were being committed against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

He said it was a matter of great shame that not a single solid step had been taken despite the fact that at least 56 Muslim countries existed in the world.

He pointed out that the Saudi Arabia-led military alliance was constituted to tackle terrorism. “Tens of thousands of people are being killed, women are being raped besides torture and other offences are being committed. Is this not terrorism?” he raised a question.

Criticising the government, he said that recently the government had approached him, requesting him not to take out the rally in Islamabad.

He said he wanted to ask the prime minister why he could not visit Bangladesh when the first family of Turkey could do so.

He stressed the need for sending back the envoy of Myanmar in Islamabad.

The JI chief also urged the government to realise its obligation of launching an international diplomatic campaign for raising awareness about the issue.

JI Pakistan Secretary General Liaquat Baloch said the government of Myanmar was hitting new lows when it came to human rights.

He said that the Rohingyas were already deprived of right of citizenship as well as other basic rights. “But now the government has even deprived them of the right to live,” he lamented.

He said that although the government had summoned the envoy of Myanmar to record protest, but he said, it was too little and too late. “Not only the envoy should be expelled, but the international bodies be moved against the crimes committed by the government of Myanmar.

The JI leader urged the Muslim world to shun its petty differences and get united for the sake of oppressed Muslims from across the world in general and from Myanmar in particular.

He also lambasted Narendra Modi for supporting the government of Myanmar.

He vowed that the nation would not leave the Rohingyas alone. “We will support them through all possible ways,” he resolved. 

Baloch said that the rally had been taken out to highlight the issue on regional and international levels. He praised the people of Karachi for raising their voice against the brutalities of Myanmar government against a Muslim minority in Rakhane state. On the occasion, Abdus Shakoor of JI’s Al Khidmat addressed the rally from Burma Bangladesh border through telephone.

He told the participants about the plight of refugees who had managed to flee from the genocide.

Asadullah Bhutto, JI Pakistan deputy chief, in his short address, said that the response of United Nations as well as the government of Pakistan towards the Myanmar crisis was shameful.

He blasted the government for not taking any solid step so far against the government of Myanmar and asked the UN to shun dual standards and play its due role in halting the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar.

JI Karachi chief Engineer Hafiz Naeemur Rehman demanded the Muslim world to get tough with Myanmar for its criminal offences against the Muslims minority.

He said that if the military alliance of 34 Islamic countries was not constituted to become part of Shia-Sunni sectarian war, it should warn Myanmar of armed response in order to halt the genocide of Muslims.

He also asked the UN to take back the noble prize from the ruler of Myanmar. Besides JI leaders, delegations and politicians from other political, religio-political parties, trade bodies and minority communities addressed the rally. 

JUI Pakistan joint secretary Aslam Ghouri demanded the government to oust the envoy of Myanmar.

PTI condemns state-sponsored

torture of Rohingyas

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh Vice President Nusrat Wahid has strongly condemned the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and asked the international community to take immediate notice.

“In this hour of crisis, we will not leave our Muslim brothers and sisters alone,” she said, and urged the Human Rights Commission and United Nations to play their due role in this regard so that the lives and properties of innocent Muslims could be saved.

Addressing a gathering of social and political workers, who had organised the protest, she said that more than (90,000) Muslims had been massacred by Myanmar government and monks, which, she said, was a matter of serious concern. “Keeping in view such a situation, USA, UK, China, Russia and OIC member states should make strategy to stop the killings of innocent Muslims,” she asserted.

Nusrat demanded that Muslims living in Burma should be given all the basic rights. “They should be given proper nationality,” she said, and asked the Government of Myanmar to stop the state-sponsored terrorism against the innocent Muslims.

She added that the Government of Pakistan must help and provide full support in terms of Food, Medicine and other basic necessities to the refugee fleeing from Rohingya towards Bangladesh and to other countries physically – practically instead of giving verbal comments which is not going to help or support to the unfortunate Muslims of Rohingya.