MIRPURKHAS - The timely intervention by Kot Ghulam Muhammad (KGM) police prevented the marriage of an underage girl in village Gulshan Gorchani, taluka KGM on Sunday.

Police also detained two accused and three accused were at large on Sunday.

According to reports, an underage girl of Gorchani clan was going to be married off secretly.

SSP Mirpurkhas Kamran Nawaz when learnt about it directed police to conduct a raid prior to the marriage.

Heavy contingent of police conducted a raid and picked up Haji Gorchani, father of the underage girl, as well as the girl, Aasha Gorchani, 12.

Police said that groom Irfan Ali Gorchani, 22, his father Sher Muhammad Gorchani and Nikah Khawan Muhammad Asif Gorchani managed to escape from the spot.

Police said that cases had been registered against five persons, Irfan Ali Gorchani, Sher Muhammad Gorchani, Nikah Khawan Muhammad Asif Gorchani, Haji Gorchani and Ghulam Hussain Gorchani.

Police added that raids were being conducted at different places to arrest the remaining three accused.