Irsa releases 215,800 cusecs water from various rim stations

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Indus River System Authority (Irsa) on Sunday released 215,800 cusecs water from various rim stations with inflow of 153,600 cusecs. According to the data released by Irsa, water level in the Indus River at Tarbela Dam was 1533.64 feet, which was 153.64 feet higher than its dead level 1380 feet. Water inflow in the dam was recorded as 93,800 cusecs while outflow 130,000 cusecs. The water level in the Jhelum River at Mangla Dam was 1225.80 feet, which was 175.80 feet higher than its dead level of 1040 feet whereas the inflow and outflow of water was recorded as 14,000 cusecs and 40,000 cusecs, respectively. The release of water at Kalabagh, Taunsa and Sukkur was recorded as 144,100, 128,700 and 41,900 cusecs, respectively. Similarly, from the Kabul River a total of 16,100 cusecs of water was released at Nowshera and 8,000 cusecs released from the Chenab River at Marala.

Iesco recovers 2,318,352 units from defective meters in Aug

ISLAMABAD (APP): Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) has recovered some 2,319,352 units from slow and defective meters during August. Official sources told APP here, M&T and Surveillance Directorate's team checked 988 meters of different tariff throughout the IESCO region out of which 223 meter declared defective. On account of defectiveness, the team got 812,889 units. Both directorates got 3,132,241 units and same units have been billed to consumers. Iesco CEO Khalid Nazir appreciated the efforts of Surveillance Directorate and said that honest, hard working officers and staff were Iesco's assets, adding that "We are proud of them." The Iesco chief also issued instruction to Iesco Operation Director Raja Asghar to ensure launching of FIR's against those who were involved in electricity theft. He said that action must be in accordance with standard by Nepra.

 ‘TDAP extending support to business community’

LAHORE (Staff Reporter): Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) is carrying out trade promotional activities and extending all out support to the business community to help generate business opportunities. TDAP Director General Mian Riaz Ahmed stated this while talking to a three-member team of Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers’ and Exporters Association (PCMEA). The DG asked PCMEA to invite their buyers to visit Expo Pakistan upon which PCMEA assured that they would request their buyers to participate in the mega event. He also requested that members of PCMEA may also participate in the Expo Pakistan. However, PCMEA requested the TDAP DG to provide maximum discount in the cost of booths to be installed at Expo Pakistan by PCMEA. The DG asked PCMEA to forward their formal request in that regard. PCMEA guests also appraised the DG about the problems being faced by the carpet industry. Riaz assured that TDAP will support PCMEA in resolving their problems.

 295,000 tons urea exported in eight months

LAHORE (Staff Reporter): The fertiliser industry has exported around 113,000 tons of urea at prices of about $215/ton in August while cumulative exports stood at 295,000 tons in the eight month period of the current calendar year. It is expected that exports to further pick up in the coming months as the deadline approaches. However, if the government expects that local inventory levels will drop to 500,000 by the yearend due to strong Q4 off take, it would not extend the deadline or quota for export. Fertiliser markers produced 507,000 tons of urea in August. Due to advance buying by dealers and higher exports, the inventory levels have declined to 684,000 tons in August from 1.154 million in July, analyst said. In July, urea sales received a massive hammering due to the previous month’s eagerness of buyers to build low-priced inventory as sale of fertiliser sharply fell 55 percent year-on-year and 68 percent month-on-month to 347,000 tons in the first month of the current fiscal year.

The government’s subsidy programme brought urea fertiliser price down to Rs1,400/bag during the last fiscal year of 2016-17 from Rs1,800/bag earlier. The subsidy scheme ended on June 30. The urea price will be maintained at the last year’s level under the new subsidy programme.