It is a well established fact that in this current era, that the usage of unsanitary elements or food, mostly makes people prone to diseases like cancer, stomach-ache, constipation and countless increasing diseases. Among them is a relatively common disease which is known as kidneys failure. Presently, different illegal methods are being used which involves trading of kidneys.

Now unfortunately, Pakistan has become an international center of kidney transfer. Even foreign people are coming to Pakistan for this procedure to have it carried out illegally. Because many people are illiterate in Pakistan, they take benefit by motivating people saying humans can live with one kidney. Poor people become compelled and they sell one of their kidneys out of poverty. So, if the government does not take any legal action against such hospitals or clinics then our future generations will also be at risk and learn the same things.

I request the government to crack down on any such practices.


Makran, August 15.