LAHORE - In what could be described a novel way of electioneering, the PPP candidate from NA-120, Faisal Mir Sunday launched a cleanliness campaign in the area that will continue till the end of electioneering.

Accompanied by his supporters, he went to different streets to lift the garbage by himself. Later, the party activists cleaned the area in his supervision. They were seen putting the waste into sacks and then throwing them at the nearby garbage containers.

Speaking on the occasion, Faisal Mir said that the PML-N had converted the constituency into a heap of garbage despite ruling the province for 30 years. He said his team would collect garbage from streets on daily basis.

Later, the PPP candidate went door-to-door for canvassing in Islampura falling in NA-120. He told the people that PML-N was in power for the last over 30 years, but the public still lacked adequate facilities of health, education and good sanitation system. He also mentioned the issues of unemployment, price hike and rampant corruption which the ruling party had failed to resolve over the years.

Alleging pre-poll rigging by the government, Faisal said that ministers were distributing fake appointment letters among the people to enlist their support for their party candidate. He asked the voters to understand the move which was a deception to grab their votes.

He claimed that government had become unnerved in the wake of immense popularity of the PPP and alleged that the PML-N goons were harassing his supporters in the constituency. “But we are fighting a battle for truth and will succeed in the upcoming electoral contest,” he said.