Jarwar is a small but popular city in District Ghotki, Sindh. It is also know in the subcontinent as the birth place of great Sufi saint Bhaghat Kanwar Ram. 

The city has a population of 19,000 people, 5 high schools and about 40 primary and secondary schools and almost 1000 students go to school here, but they do not have any place to sit down together and study, which often leads them to unethical activities. 

Many poor students belong to the villages of Jarwar and they come from a distance of about 10 km by foot for an education instead they get involved in unethical and bad practices when they don’t find a place to study after school. 

We kindly appeal to the Minister of Education, members of national and provincial assemblies and to society to help us in establishing a library for students. 


Karachi, August 17.