Nirmala Sitharaman, Indian Defence Minister has to deal with 100 lieutenants and majors of the army who have moved the Supreme court over allegations of “discrimination and injustice" regarding promotion of service corps’ officers.

“ This act (discrimination in promotion) of army and Union government has led to injustice and discrimination among the petitioners and others which is harmful for the self-esteem of the officers and defence of the country,” they said.

According to the Times of India’s report, top concern of the government should be petitioner’s plea of not sending services corps with combatant arms in operational areas if equality of promotion is not practiced.

They stated in their joint petition that services corps were sent to operational areas and faced same obstacles faced by the combat arms corps’ officers. Then why they were not granted same promotional revenues provided to the combat arms corps’ officers, the counsel Neela Ghokali asked on their behalf.

Officers of services corps are treated as operational with respect to deployment and considered non operational with respect to promotion. This act of Army and government is violation of the middle level army officers’ and petitioners’ basic rights, petition claims.

The petitioner stated that continued discrimination in promotion lowers the morale of the services corps’ officers who have been performing their duty with full dedication for more than 10-15 years.

Supreme Court resolved a case of complaints regarding low allowances of colonel posts for  promotion by officers of services corps last year on 15th February. This plea was resolved with the help of Ajay Vikram Singh Committee’s report which was given a task to reduce the age of battalions’ and brigades’ commanders.

The petitioners questioned the treatment of considering services corps operational in the time of need and treating them as non operational when it comes to promotions.

The petitioners wanted Supreme Court to notice that services corps officers and officers of combat arms corps make same sacrifices in the Indian Army.

In the Indian Army officers from all corps (like signals) are treated as “operational” in every matter but services corps officers are being discriminated regardless of the fact that their deployment and duties entitled by Army act are no different than the others, they added.