Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) has managed to grab the last influential seat of the government. The election of Dr. Arif Alvi as the President of Pakistan gives the ruling party a figurehead who is line with the party manifesto and the resistance from such a post will be reduced to minimum. The precedent that Dr. Arif Alvi aims to set is the active participation of the president in the affairs of the government. The involvement from the President will not only boost the morale of the government but also give them ample space to implement the five year agenda.

The promise of remaining active within the tenure – albeit strictly within the bounds of the constitution – should be commended. The activism initiated by the President will hold more ground and give him the space to ensure the materialisation his plans. At the same time, it is very important to follow the framework of the constitution - a President ensuring such groundwork is bound to push for relevant activism.

The authority granted to him allows him the space to take up initiatives that he feels most strongly about. There are several issues plaguing the country which do not make it to the priority list of the government because of the limitation due to resources. However concentrated effort by the President can help improve the situation. A recent example of this is the statement regarding the mental health situation in Pakistan. President Arif Alvi initiative to improve mental health facilities, create awareness and ensure that the increasing population dealing with such issues has the proper facilities to help them out. The adoption of such causes, which have been mercilessly ignored, can improve the societal layout of the country.

Many non-governmental organisations are also working for specific causes targeting some of the issues of the society. Credibility can be lent to such initiatives, through endorsement and public support by the President, in cases that these organisations are doing a responsible job at meeting their target.

One aspect of this position which should be abided by at all times is its apolitical nature and constitutional correctness. All measures and initiatives within these bounds will be welcome by all and will set the right precedent for the Presidents to come.