Opposition likely to create rumpus during President address

Parliament’s joint session on 13th

2018-09-11T02:14:42+05:00 Javaid-ur-Rahman

ISLAMABAD  -  Newly-elected President Dr Arif Alvi will address the joint session of parliament on Thursday (13th September) to formally start the first parliamentary year of the incumbent government.

Dr Alvi, in his maiden address as President of Pakistan, will share the vision of the present government in different quarters including foreign affairs, economic affairs, law and order situation etc.

Sources said major opposition parties excluding PPP-P may stage a protest demanding proper investigation into alleged rigging in elections 2018. They said the opposition parties might also create rumpus during the first speech of the new President.

The opposition parties had also created rumpus during the first speech of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the National Assembly. The opposition have time and again asked incumbent government for starting probe into rigging in the different constituencies during the elections 2018.

The 13th elected President, Arif Alvi, has assumed on last Sunday (9th September). “I will fulfil all responsibilities towards the development of the country and not be a silent president,” the President said after taking oath.

He also served as the PTI’s secretary general for eight years from 2006, and was elected an MP from Karachi in 2013 as well as in 2018.

The president, a dentist by profession, was elected on September 4 by securing 352 votes from the electoral college that comprises more than a thousand lawmakers – the members of both houses of the parliament and provincial assemblies.

The first session of the National Assembly will start very next day of joint session of the parliament on 14th September. The first session of the 15th National Assembly may witnesses also furore by opposition parties over host of matters including induction and removal of Atif Mian as advisor, Prime Minister’s appeal from overseas Pakistanis to contribute to dams construction, recent increase in gas tariff by 46 per cent and other matters. The first session of the NA will continue around a week.

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