Islamabad - Imran Khan’s regime is bent upon a strategy of deceit, lie and deception only and how long will this policy last before it explodes only time will tell, said Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday.

“A party and its leader that has not done his home work, has no clue how to go about its task that relies on merely media gimmickry, will soon fall flat on its face”, she said while commenting on the media strategy meeting of the ruling party that was chaired by the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The former information minister in her statement said that PTI government was running its affairs on the photocopies of Vision2015 Policy, which was given by the PML-N under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

“Mr Imran Khan’s vision was contained to abuse the opponents, aggression with contempt for those who show him the truth and reality that he failed to change his mind set, which he expressed while preaching the hooliganism from a container,” she said. The whole world along with the nation perplexed on the state of the affairs of the ruling junta, who had tall claims before elections of reviving and thriving the economy without a begging bowl. The Niazi Government yet again proved to be a master of u-turns have come out with a ‘National Begging Policy’ instead of introducing economic agenda that they had publically promised, she questioned.

Ms Aurangzeb said beautiful dream of change has turned out to be nightmare in just twenty days that has exposed the incompetence, lack of vision and inability to bring discipline at the national as well as provincial level. ‘Blunders at the diplomatic front has brought disrepute for the country and so called revolutionary government had no courtesy and time to receive the great friend China’s Foreign Minister on his arrival to Pakistan at the airport’ former Information Minster criticized.

She said the so called media strategy was aimed to spin doctor the failures at the part of the ‘Chatter Box PM’, who had no moral courage to talk about the wastage of precious public exchequers money on BRT project in Peshawar that has made the life of commuters horrible. “Media Strategy has been worked out for the image building of ‘turncoats’ and ‘corrupt’, who have been show cased with PTI brand. “The strategy is as to how camouflage the recent increase of electricity, gas and fertilizers instead of giving any relief to the commoners, who were waiting desperately for implementation of hundred days plan by the rulers,” she demanded.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said the PML-N government lead by Nawaz Sharif fulfilled its promise of eliminating the shortage of electricity, motorways and infrastructure was built to facilitate public and to boost the trade and economic activities, conceived and implemented the CPEC’s revolutionary project with the help and cooperation of Iron Brother China, subsidies were provided for the benefit of deprived segments of society and ushered a new historic era of development in the country.

“Mr Imran Khan you have to work with sincerity, vision and competence to proved 10 million new jobs and 5 million houses to the people. This task cannot be achieved by media mongering and through lies and deception,” she added.