The way world’s largest democracy is reacting over Navjot Singh Sidhu’s visit to Pakistan is beyond any sane mind. The people of this region yearn for peace and stability and with attitude as such it seems but a distant dream. 

Strangely, their point of contention hinges on his hug with General Bajwa. This is akin to creating storm in a teacup. Sidhu could not have anticipated that such a goodwill gesture would draw an evil interpretation to his countrymate. Ironically, the whole mudslinging is taking place in the guise of patriotism. The appropriate metric to measure one’s patriotism is the level of concern for national interest he ought to have and if ruling elite of India-the country comprising one third of the total poverty of the world- really intents to exhibit its patriotism then they should preach their people what prosperity peace can bring to them. 

As Pakistani, I feel sorry for sidhu and I’m sure there would be many sharing the same degree of sympathy towards him for what rough ride he is being given back in India. Imran called him and irrespective of the consequences he reciprocated to it. Now its Imran’s turn to return the favor. Civil and military leadership should work hand in glove to live up to the words Mr Bajwa whispered to him. It will not only end Sidhu’s trip on a fine note but may also pave the way for future collaborations between the two governments. 


Tharparkar, August 22.