Discrepancies pertaining to the approval of certain drugs are a matter of grave importance to the average individual who places a great deal of trust in their suppliers. For this reason, recently when it was stated that the supply of heart drug ‘Valsartan,’ was to be re-called due to carrying a potential impurity leading to cancer, it was seen as an alarming, if not startling, revelation.

Valsartan, which had previously been described as an effective treatment with regard to high blood pressure, and heart pain, was recalled by the FDA and subsequently, by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. With a Chinese source indicating the presence of N-nitrosodimethylamine (a carcinogenic substance) in the production of the drug, questions arise on the reliability of certain drugs that have been stamped with an FDA approval in the past, when such disconcerting revelations are uncovered in the future.

However, as of now the listed companies have started issuing advertisements declaring themselves ‘clear’ and approved by DRAP. However, as a concerned citizen, one is must to scrutinize the background of such high-end drugs before placing their trust in them as well as deliberate over the efficiency over national drug administrative authorities, as these authorities unearthed this ground reality behind the drug only after the discoveries were made by American and European Authorities.


Karachi, August 24.