The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday once again issued a notice to Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar and other officials over the fly infestation in the city.

During today’s hearing, the court ordered that Akhtar, DMCs and the local bodies secretary should ensure their presence at the next hearing. The case was initiated by a concerned citizen, who felt that Karachi's authorities were not doing enough to control what is being called by some a "record-breaking" fly infestation in the city.

Both parties must ensure to submit their replies at the next hearing, the court said.

After Karachi's recent long rains, flies have found a particularly thriving environment in the city. Coupled with stagnant rainwater being polluted by entrails of sacrificial animals during and after Eid, flies have been attracted to the city premises. Poor drainage system and blockage has allowed these favourable conditions for flies to persist.  

In a New York Times article, experts in Karachi tell the NYT team that a "sanitation emergency" has to be declared to address the infestation. The city is becoming increasingly unlivable, they say. 

In the Global Liveability Index released annually by The Economist Group, Karachi was ranked 136th. That places the city on the fifth-position for the world's least liveable cities.