ISLAMABAD   -  While global warming has led to rising tides, it’s also threatening the water supply of 3.2 billion people around the world, according to a new UN report. Runoff from glaciers provides drinking water for tens of millions of people, but record loss of glacier mass is leading to increased water scarcity. Glacier runoff is expected to max out globally by the end of the century and then decline. According to the report, the number of people living in places with insufficient water will shoot up almost 60 percent in the next 30 years.The fact that the past decade has been the warmest on record bears ‘a clear fingerprint’ of climate change, said the World Meteorological Organization, which just released United in Science 2020, a multi-department assessment of the latest climate science data. Admitting 2020 was an ‘unprecedented’ year, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that climate disruption was continuing unabated, with ‘record heat, ice loss, wildfires, floods and droughts.’ ‘Never before has it been so clear that we need long term, inclusive, clean transitions to tackle the climate crisis and achieve sustainable development,’ he said.