ISLAMABAD       -    The CDA has allocated sixty million rupees to the Street Lights Division to fix the faulty streetlights in the city. 

Residents of the capital are facing problems for the last many years, as over 17,000 streetlights are out of order at present turning several parts of the city into darkness soon after sunset.

According to official record, there are 40,000 streetlights installed across the city by the Streetlights Division of the Directorate of Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance on its about 1,600km long network, however, around 17,000 are not working properly.

The aforementioned total number of streetlights includes the lights on major avenues, service roads, streets, markets, parks and grounds.  

About a decade ago, under the former chairman CDA Kamran Lashari, most of the streetlights in the city were functional, but as time went on the lights began getting faulty. Majority of these faulty streetlights are in old sectors, such as G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9, I-9 and I-10.

In addition to old sectors, the Kashmir Highway from Peshawar Morr to onward and a road leading to Pir Sohawa and Monal are also lacking streetlights.

The Streetlights Division is under the administrative control of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad since its formation and like other directorates operated under the local government system it also lacks funds. 

However, now the funds have been allocated by Finance Wing of the CDA during the first two months of current financial year.

Out of the allocated sixty million rupees, fifty million rupees have been allocated to Street Lights Division for installation of electrical equipments including transformers while the rest ten million rupees amount has been allocated for rehabilitation and renovation of street lights. More allocation of funds will also be made during coming days.

Uninterrupted functioning of street lights in the city is imperative to provide the citizens with comfortable commuting during night times. The illumination of city roads and streets is essential for security of the city and the citizens as well.