ISLAMABAD   -   HUM Network Limited has made its mark globally over the years by bringing fashion and entertainment to our screens. Setting up yet another milestone in a ground-breaking initiative HUM Network Ltd. is proud to announce its first ever digital award show in Pakistan, KASHMIR HUM Social Media Awards 2020 Powered by Facebook, the largest internationally recognized social media platform. It is the first digitally based award show in Pakistan that has Facebook under its banner, making it distinguished and authentic in its true sense by recognizing and encouraging deserving individuals working in the fields of music, entertainment, fashion, sports and content creation who have gained popularity over the years and have made their mark digitally. Social media over the recent years has created as we have witnessed, a massive influx towards communication by engaging, motivating and inspiring global audiences on a larger scale through its content. The nominees will be put up for audience voting via website, giving the audiences locally and globally the opportunity to vote for their favorite stars. The voting lines will open from September 10 till September 22, 2020.