ISLAMABAD - THE ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination has decided to ensure regular health screening and Covid-19 surveillance in schools after reopening from September 15. 

According to an official of the ministry, the main objective of this surveillance is to monitor the Corona situation and examine the health of teachers and children at schools after every two weeks. 

He said that further decisions will be made on reviewing the situation on the basis of test reports on scientific means. He added schools will be reopened stage-wise with strict monitoring on implementation of SOPs related with the COVID-19. 

He said that all schools have to strictly follow these SOPs announced by the government like social distancing, hand sanitizing or washing, wearing of face mask etc. He added besides school administration, the role of parents is also crucial to ensure implementation of SOPs. 

He said that schools administration, teachers and parents will have to adhere to the instructions after reopening of institutions. He added the number of students in a class will be reduced, which means that half of the students will attend the session one day and half will come on the other day to avoid from any spread of the disease. 

The official said that there is no need to daily purchase expensive masks for children and asked the parents to make homemade fabric mask for school going children, which are washable and reusable.