ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) organized a three days drama workshop on Thursday aimed to motivate young generation towards power of communication, adopting theatre as a strong tool of expression. Director General PNCA Dr Fouzia Saeed cordially appreciated the participation of all the respected participants for making this workshop successful. Addressing to concluding ceremony, she said that the effectiveness of theatre as a universal medium and how it can be used to express the creative instincts. She said it is time to recognize the importance of creativity on both individual and collective level. She said that the aspirants of theatre should be motivated towards promotion of open air theatre adding that as PNCA has taken steps in this regard. She distributed certificates among the participants and assured her round the clock availability for well of arts & culture. Course conductor Waqar Azeem said that such workshops would definitely create awareness among young generation towards theatre. He said that the contents of workshop were highly commendable which motivate aspirants to take keen interest in learning acting skills. He appreciated the initiative taken by PNCA and throw light on the importance of seeking knowledge and self-improvement technique.