ISLAMABAD - The Senate Standing Committee on Interior on Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution strongly condemning the use of indiscriminate use of pellets and tear gas by Indian forces on peaceful processions on Ashura in Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK). 

It appreciated the Ministry of Interior and all law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to maintain law and order and security during Muharram all over the country.

At the onset of the meeting, the Chairman committee Senator A. Rehman Malik paid rich tributes to Shaheed Lieutenant Nasir Khalid and other martyrs who embraced martyrdom in North Waziristan and other parts of the country in the near past.

The committee expressed great grief over the killing of 35 labourers in a rockslide at a marble mine in Mohmand tribal district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and sympathies were expressed with bereaved families.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that Thursday was 402nd day of Indian brutal curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir, adding, since day first this committee has been marking these days as ‘Dark Days’ in the history of mankind and expressing solidarity with Kashmiri brothers and sisters who are struggling for their legitimate right of self-determination under UNSC Resolutions.

Senator Malik moved a resolution which reads the committee appreciates the Ministry of Interior and LEAs to maintain law and order and security during Muharram all over the country. The committee acknowledges the relentless efforts of the Secretary, Ministry of Interior and LEAs under his command to prove their mettle despite limited sources, difficult circumstances and terror threat from miscreants.

The Committee also appreciates and expresses its gratitude to religious scholars who showed highest sense of national responsibility to ensure interfaith harmony in the country.  

The committee strongly condemns use of indiscriminate use of pellets and tear gas by Indian forces on peaceful processions on Ashura in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

The Committee urges the Government of Pakistan to bring such gross violations of the Human Rights (HR) and religious freedom to UN, reads the resolution.

Senator Malik appreciated the Ministry of Interior for the identification of issuance of 6000 illegal visas to the foreign nationals who have been declared illegal. The committee through a resolution which was moved by chairman unanimously demanded strict action under the law against those who are responsible for granting illegal visas to the foreign nationals by putting country’s national security at risk.  

The Chairman directed the Ministry of Interior to devise a clear comprehensive policy of deportation of illegal immigrants in the national interest.

The Secretary Interior informed the meeting that some officials of the ministry who have been involved in the issuance of the illegal visas to the foreigners have already been suspended and further investigation is underway.  

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that issuance of illegal visas was the violation of Section 14-C of the Foreigners Act putting national security of Pakistan at stake. He said it was a highly serious matter that should be interrogated from every aspect so the illegal influx of foreign nationals could be averted. He directed the Ministry of Interior to constitute a high-level committee to probe this matter and present a compressive report to the committee in its next meeting.

The chairman expressed his concerns on non-issuance of death certificates by National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA). He said that issuance of death certificate should be made easy that the bereaved could get the document without unnecessary delay and trouble.

He directed that NADRA should start issuance of death certificates within one week.

The committee that met under the chair of Senator A. Rehman Malik thoroughly considered and discussed issue of “the large number of foreigners living in the province of Sindh with having illegal CNICs issued by NADRA with particular reference to foreigners living all over the country” raised by Senator Sassui Paleejo in the house on January 10th.  

Senator Sassui Paleejo said that according to her information about one million CNICs have been issued to foreign nationals living in Sindh.

She said that illegal immigrants were fully getting benefits from the incompetence and callousness of the verifying agencies and district level committees.

She added that presence of illegal immigrants in Sindh were one of the main cause of lawlessness, criminal activities and even burden on the provincial exchequer.   

The chairman committee fully endorsed the concerns expressed by Senator Sassui Paleejo and said that all concerned DCOs should coordinate with other stockholders to identify the illegal immigrants and there was a need to implement Section 14C of the Foreigners Act in letter and spirit.

He constituted a sub-committee comprising of Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed as convener and senators Haji Momin Khan Afridi and Kalsoom Parveen as its members to find out the real cause of getting CNICs by the illegal immigrants.

He further directed that the sub-committee should point out the lacunas in the act so that only bonafide Pakistanis could get CNICs. He directed chairman NADRA to take disciplinary action against those employees who are involved in this heinous crime.

Senator Kalsoom Perveen raised the matter of alleged gang rape of a woman while travelling on Lahore-Sialkot Motorway.

She said that the rape of a woman in presence of her innocent children was most unfortunate and horrible incident which has stirred a wave of resentment and panic all over Pakistan.

The chairman directed the Secretary Interior to personally coordinate with all concerned departments and present a detailed report to the Committee within two weeks.   

Meanwhile, the committee also considered the point of public importance raised by Senator Sajid Mir regarding demolition of mosques by CDA. The committee directed the CDA to submit a report on the matter in the next meeting. However, CDA was directed not to take any action against the mosques until the matter is finalized by the committee accordingly.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that committee has been receiving number of complaints from general public about use of drugs in the educational institutions. He said that the youth was the future of a country that has to be saved from such illicit activities.

He advised that a separate meeting shall be held with educational institutions and Anti-Narcotics authorities to devise a mechanism to eliminate this curse once for all.

The Chairman Committee also expressed that many complaints were being received from Balochistan regarding missing persons which was a matter of grave public concern.

He said that in view of the importance and sensitivity of the matter, this issue will be taken in the next meeting separately.