ISLAMABAD - The parliamentary leader of the National Assembly from Opposition may hold a meeting with the Speaker next week about pending legislation related to the FATF. As the government has planned to pass the FATF related bills from the joint sitting of Parliament after it refers from the National Assembly, the opposition parties’ parliamentary leader would express reservations about treasury bench’s plan to approve bills from the joint session of Parliament without taking opposition into confidence. The PTI’s government has also changed the schedules of both the sessions of National Assembly and Senate to once again enter into dialogue with the joint opposition to bring an end to a stalemate on FATF related legislation. The opposition, in the last month, with the majority of votes also rejected the bills including ‘The Anti-Money Laundering (Second Amendment) Bill’ and ‘The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Waqf Properties Bill’ in the Upper House of parliament. The government side had managed to approve both from the National Assembly but faced defeat in the Senate .