The current spell of monsoons is perhaps the last one of the seasons, which has its beneficial and devastating sides. While it runs havoc on standing crops and does mammoth loss due to floods, it also brings some good for the Rabi crop. However, how much we benefit from the high moisture levels for the Rabi crop depends on our preparation.

The government should plan and provide quality seed and advice to farmers to boast the wheat output, which still is far less than our rival India. Not only should the government provide support to farmers, it should increase the rate for farmers that they benefit instead of hoarders and black marketers. The PM has recently shown interest in having the support price of wheat increased. This would for sure benefit the growers and reduce the chances of black-market and profiteering by traders. Overall, we must plan and work hard to not only have a bumper crop of wheat, but also stop its smuggling so that we can avoid wastage of forex on importing wheat. We would also save the embarrassment of importing wheat while claiming to be an agrarian economy.