The gap in income among the people in the developed world and the developing world is widening. The disparity prevails between countries and within them. As the G-20 group meets to discuss how to deal with global meltdown, they ought to address the growing in come inequity among their own people. The Gini index (a measure of inequality of income distribution, expressed as a ratio between 0 and 1, where 0 represents perfect equality and 1 presents perfect inequity) for G-20 countries reveals the growing trend of inequity between and within these countries: Argentina (0.513), Australia (0.352), Brazil (0.57), Canada (0.326), China (0.469), France (0.327), Germany (0.283), India (0.368), Indonesia (0.342), Italy (0.36), Japan (0.249), Mexico (0461), Russia (0.399), South Africa (0.578), South Korea (0.316), Turkey (43.6), the United Kingdom (0.36), and the United States of America (0.408). The source for these statistics is UNDP Report for 2007. If these inequities are left un-addressed, the population of shanty towns and Favela slums in G-20 countries will keep on growing. -DR A. KHAN, Chicago, USA, via e-mail, April 3.