BEIJING (PPI) - Former President Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf has broadly endorsed Obamas 'AfPak strategy, while terming it to be incomplete without India and the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. According to Musharraf, this strategy is a continuation of the past and India was excluded by President Obama after heavy lobbying from the Indian-American community. The former President expressed these views at a question and answer session, held after his lecture at the prestigious Shanghai Institute for International Studies. The session was focused around Pak-China relationship, potential to strengthen economic ties, and curbing terrorism and extremism. The lecture was attended by several Chinese intellectuals. It was the second lecture of the series of lectures held during the former presidents international tour covering key Chinese cities. For this tour, he was invited by the Government of China through the Chinese Peoples Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA). Musharrafs first lecture in Beijing to CPIFA was also focused on the deep relationship between Pakistan and China, along with an in-depth analysis of regional issues including Afghanistan, India, and war against terrorism. Many Chinese ambassadors, experts on South Asia and graduates students were present on that occasion. The former President emphasised upon the need for closer global cooperation to defeat terrorism, with China playing a more proactive role. He delivered his third and final lecture at Sichuan University in Chengdu, to an audience of several hundred students and faculty members. His speech covered the historic relationship between Pakistan and China, an overview of the Pak-Afghan region and the impact of the global economic crisis in the developing world. After the lecture, the students eagerly interacted with former President who gave his insight on character-building and leadership skills, amongst other things. In answer to a question on depending Pak-China relationship, he said, in my point of view, it is necessary to expand the Karakorum Highway (KKH) to include rail links, oil and gas pipelines, and a new fiber optic cable link. He suggested that not only should Pakistan develop the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline but also an 'IPC or Iran-Pakistan-China pipeline for gas and oil. During his tour, the former President was accorded head of state protocol and extensive security. He also attended several banquets hosted by various provincial governors and senior Chinese Communist party officials. The former President expressed his appreciation for the warm reception and the admiration shown by all strata of Chinese society, whether he was at a meeting at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing or in the streets of Shanghai. In the upcoming months, the former president plans to undertake similar lecture tours to Europe and North America.