PESHAWAR (APP) - The winning spree of Pakistan's most high ranking player Amir Atlas continued in the ongoing National Senior Squash Championship here at Hashim Khan Squash Complex on Saturday. With the victory against former World No. 10 and Pakistan Open Champion Amjad Khan in straight sets, Amir Atlas took berth into the semi-final of the Championship. Overweight Amjad could not respond to the drop-shorts of Amir Atlas, who was so quick, finishing the match in fast tempo. Amjad did some resistance by taking points through excellent nick and forceful smashes but he could not cover the area Amir was playing in. With his excellent command, Amir took Amjad into all around the court. Amjad did nothing in response to Amir's brilliant display of sharpness but to yield to the pressure in a battle decided at 3-0. The score was 11-6, 11-6 and 11-6. In the second quarter-final former British Open Junior Champion Safeerullah faced tough resistance against young-gun Owais Khan in the thrilling five sets battle, lasted for 53rd minutes. The match between Safeerullah and Owais Khan also witnessed by capacity crowd present on this occasion including former World Champion Qamar Zaman, former Malaysian coach Jamshed Gul and national coach Mehboob Khan. Safeerullah lost the first set at 9-11 where he also saved three sets points at 7-10, 8-10 and 9-10 but Owais Khan this time hit a nice drop to win the set 9-11. After losing the first set, Safeerullah managed his position and quickly taken the second set by 11-6. It was an easy sailing for Safeerullah in the second set but he faced tough challenge again in the third set where the played struggled their hard for a single points right from the outset. The score was tied at 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8 and Safeerullah got the set by 11-8 but lost the fourth sets at same score. Safeerullah leading the fourth set at 6-3, 7-4 and 8-5 but then Owais came back nicely to level the tally at 8-8 and also won the set at 8-11. It was in the fifth and decisive set when Safeerullah showed tremendous efforts by winning the set 11-7 and moved into the semi-final. Former Asian Champion Mansood Zaman, son of Qamar Zaman and tested shocking defeat at hands of Waqar Mehboob in straight sets. Mansoor did some efforts the first two sets but overall young Waqar was superb, winning the match by 13-11, 12-10 and 11-4. In the last quarter-final second seeded Farhan Mehboob defeated his young brother Waqas in straight sets, the score was 15-13, 11-9 and 11-9.