A constitutional petition has been filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan by the Chairman National Council of Human Rights seeking provision of security and protocol to the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan equivalent to that of the President and the Prime Minister. There is a difference between security and protocol. For sure security must be provided to the Chief Justice but undue emphasis on protocol is unnecessary as it is aimed at glorifying the incumbent and somehow takes away the humanity and humility of a human being. We, the common citizens of this country are the victims of protocol, which causes great humiliation to the common folk every day. The concept of protocol doesnt even exist in our religion, which proposes equality and respect for all human beings on equal terms no matter who they are. We, the members of the civil society, have come a long way to achieve what was unthinkable in our country a few months back. Lets not destroy all what we have achieved by drawing protocol lines between the judiciary and the common people. I am sure the honorable courts will support security and do away with the protocol culture. -DR IRFAN ZAFAR, Islamabad, via e-mail, April 3.