LAHORE - Another four dissident MPAs of PML-Q are most likely to join the Unification Group under the leadership of Dr Tahir Ali Javed during the next couple of days, taking the toll from 49 to 53 in the Punjab Assembly, sources revealed here on Saturday. On the other hand, Chief of the Unification Group Dr Tahir Ali Javed vehemently rejected the allegations of PML-Q that he had violated the party discipline. The show-cause notice served on me is quite surprising. It has also shocked me, the former Health Minister Dr Tahir told The Nation on Saturday. He said that his faction had majority in the PML and it is their democratic right to choose their own parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly. Neither we have changed our party nor we have constituted a new party. Therefore, the possibility of disqualification of any member of the Unification Group is out of question, as we dont have violated the Article 63 (A) of the Constitution, he maintained. The unification group leader also added that there was no possibility of disqualification of any member because the group had a clear majority. Majority is authority is the basic principle of democracy, he added. He also said that they have not voted on money-bill or vote of confidence so far, therefore, the issuance of show-cause notice is ridiculous. The forward bloc leader later claimed his faction was the 'real PML and ruled out the possibility of the blocs disqualification. Meanwhile, he confirmed that several MPAs are in contact with him and they were willingly to join the Unification Group. No less than four to five MPAs will join us in the next couple of days, he added. It is worth mentioning here that the PML-Q served a show-cause notice on Dr Tahir Ali Javed, accusing him of violating party discipline under article 63-A of the Constitution. General Secretary PML-Q, Punjab and Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly, Ch Zaheeruddin issued the notice. The charge-sheet against Dr Tahir stated that he participated in activities against party policy and discipline, joined other parliamentary group leaving his own partys, and supported the PML-N parliamentary group in contravention of law. He has been asked to explain his position within seven days.