RAWALPINDI (Agencies) - Pakistan apprised US of its concerns on the situation being emerged in its bordering areas with Afghanistan in response to US drone attacks in a meeting among top military commanders of the three countries, reported a private TV channel. Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan Gen David McKiernan and Afghan armed forces commander Gen Bismillah met here Saturday to discuss the security situation of the region. It was the 26th meeting among the military chiefs of the three forces. The meeting discussed the security situation at Pak-Afghan border and continued operation against the militants in the two neighbouring countries. Pakistan also urged to devise an effective intelligence-sharing system among the three forces. According to an official statement, the 26th meeting of the Tripartite Commission at General Headquarters (GHQ) also discussed the existing level of cooperation. Kayani demanded an end to drone attacks called for making the mechanism of intelligence sharing between Pakistan, Afghanistan and NATO forces more affective through liaison centres along Pak-Afghan border. According to sources, he expressed these views during the 26th meeting of the Tripartite Commission. Kayani during the meeting stressed an immediate end to drone attacks and termed them counter-productive. He said that these attacks have killed more civilians than any high-level targets and is affecting the people living along the tribal belt. Stressing on the need of enhancing intelligence sharing between the three countries, Gen Kayani said that if NATO or US forces have any information of any high value target in Pakistan than they should share it with us and we would take action against them. Sources told that Gen Kayani stressed on making liaison centers established along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border more affective for tracking down movement of terrorists. The sources told that ISAF chief Gen McKiernan agreed with Kayani on enhancing and making effective intelligence sharing so that the movement of terrorists could be followed. He also assured that NATO respects the sovereignty of Pakistan and would never overstep its mandate and would remain confine to its military operations in Afghanistan.