KARACHI - The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) has suggested that instead of setting clocks forward and backward, after every few months, it would be wiser to set the Pakistan-Standard-Time half-an-hour ahead on permanent basis. Anjum Nisar, President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed dissatisfaction to the Governments decision for advancing the clocks by one hour from 15th April, 2009 and added that we feel this would benefit daylight saving system throughout the year. Moreover, in winter sunsets in upper region of the country is around 05:15 PM, that would come to reasonable time and we will get daytime working hours till 06:00 PM and in summer it would not prolong the Isha Prayers to 10:15 PM. Further we would like to reaffirm that while this half-an-hour saving would benefit the citizens, at the same time we are of the firm opinion that curbing, line-losses, pilferage and theft of the electricity is the real and ultimate saving, this achievement, we believe would also, make more electricity available for distribution, as those who are stealing electricity would stop or curtail when they would be compelled to pay. Likewise, honest consumer would not be penalised, in the shape of Fuel Adjustment Surcharge which is calculated on the basis of Unit Billed and not what it should be, on units generated. Therefore, we forcefully appeal on the behalf of business community of Karachi to adopt half-an-hour enhancement and work on the modalities, we have elaborated above.