ISLAMABAD (NNI)- Private security companies have now started looting the companies and individuals by charging high for security duties in the wake of growing concerns over the law and order situation. According to a survey report dozens of private security companies in Islamabad are taking advantage of the governments failure to ensure security and have increased their rates, but ground reality is that most of the guards provided by the companies to people are untrained and equipped with defective arms. Private security companies are bound to train their guards or heir X-army men. They claim that they hire only X-Army men who are already trained to use weapons, but in reality they are not following these rules. A businessman said; I have hired 4 security men from a private security company and is paying a good sum of money to them but I am not satisfied from their performance. According to sources, few of the security guards of private security companies were involved in street crimes but police was failed to take action against them. There is an increase in street crimes and people believe that guards of these companies are involved in these crimes.