The intellectuals and scholars hardly enjoy respect in our society compared to feudals and money barons no matter how they amass their wealth. The death of great scholar Zawwar Zaidi, who was one of the best historiographers of Quaid-e-Azam, is a matter to be mourned by the entire country with particular reference to his humiliation in his last days. All his belongings, mostly rare documents, as well as worldly assets, were thrown out of the house in which he was residing for many years. The irony of it all is that he was going to vacate it within a few days anyway. This atrocious act was done to accommodate a section officer, the lowest creature of the bureaucratic clan, who was to occupy that house after evicting a man of great stature like Mr. Zaidi. Mr. Zaidi, it must be mentioned here, had devoted his life to the Quaid and had been working for the last few decades to compile all the important papers and documents pertaining to the Founder of Pakistan. The shock that he got due to the arrogance typical of our illiterate bureaucrats probably ended his life prematurely. One wonders if our establishment division would ever investigate the powerful wielder of bureaucratic influence who caused this tragedy? -DR S.M. RAHMAN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, April 3.