The long awaited interviews for membership of the Islamabad Club took place on March 26, 2009. That evening I happened to be there for dinner and came to know from a number of applicants that the interviews began at 5.00 PM and half way through some members of the Selection Committee left and consequently the rest of the interviews had to be cancelled because of a lack of quorum. Unlike other prestigious clubs in the country, Islamabad Club is managed by an Administrator (appointed by the federal government) and members of the various committees are nominated by the Administrator. There is no concept of an election and therefore the administration is not answerable to its members. The irresponsible manner in which some members of the Selection Committee left the meeting was appalling to say the least because the applicants had been informed in advance and some had come from abroad specifically to attend this interview. This was a pathetic attempt at self-aggrandizement not only on the part of the interviewers but also by the Club administration who showed an utter disregard for the applicants as well as sponsoring members who had to be there to introduce the applicants. Before fixing date of the interviews, the administration should have made sure that the panel members were available. This is an instance of flagrant incompetence and ineptitude and lack of management. The Club has to do better to maintain its reputation. -W.H., via e-mail, April 3.